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First product leaves our new wash and milling facility in Lanaken

Van Werven Plastics Recycling have recently expanded their facility in Lanaken (Belgium) with a new washing and milling line. The line was commissoned on Thursday 19th July, today, Monday 23rd July saw the first load of product leave to our customer.

The first load, consisting of PP mono granulate, was approved by Van Werven Plastics Recycling's laboratory in Biddinghuizen. Many products that Lanaken produce, will now be sold into the Belgian market. ''At the beginning of 2018 we started the expansion of the site. A motivated team has worked very hard. We are proud and happy with the wonderful result," says Tonnie Hovenga, Manager Operations Plastic Recycling, about the new line.

The facility in Lanaken

The Plastics Recycling facility in Lanaken has been running since November 2015. Until now, incoming plastics were only sorted and shredded, which then went to Biddinghuizen as mono streams to be further processed. From now on, this extra step will take plasce in Lanaken which will remove the need to send part processed material to Biddinghuizen.


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